Situated on the banks of the Váh River in north-west Slovakia, Žilina is Slovakia’s fourth largest city and an important industrial centre; it sprang up at the junction of major trade routes.

The majority of its tourist attractions are located within a relatively small area – in the main square and in its neighbourhood. The main square is bordered on all sides by arcades and by the former houses of craftsmen and the middle-class citizenry.


At the edge of the square, stand the Baroque style St. Paul’s Church, and the monastery belonging to the Jesuit Order.

One of the city’s dominant buildings is the Holy Trinity Parish Church with the adjacent 16th century Burian Tower; the Church was built in the Gothic style in the 15th century, the Tower in the 16th.

The 14th century Budatin Castle, in the northern part of Žilina, houses the Váh Museum.


Žilina’s oldest monument is the 13th century, Romanesque style St. Stephen’s Church, located at the western end of the city.

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