Turna nad Bodvou

Turňa nad Bodvou


Turňa nad Bodvou (Hungarian: Torna, German: Tornau) is located in the southeastern part of Slovakia, about 30 km southwest of Košice. Turňa nad Bodvou’s main attractions are its castle ruins and Gothic style church.

Turňa nad Bodvou Castle was constructed after the Tartar invasion, to protect the commercial route from Košice via the Bódva-Valley. It was blown up by the imperial troops in 1685, during the Thököly uprising.


A tourist trail leads from the village centre to its ruins on the 366m high “Castle-Hill” which has, since 1964, been a Nature Protection Area.

The village’s Catholic church was built during the 14th century in the Gothic style; its Gothic bell originates from the same period, as do the frescoes in the church’s interior.


On the side of the hill, opposite to that on which the church can be found, is the Keglevich Mansion. This dates from the end of the 17th century, when it was built in the Renaissance style – to be rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century in the Classicist style.