Spisská Kapitula

Spišská Kapitula


Located in the central-eastern part of Slovakia, Spišská Kapitula (Hungarian: Szepeshely, German: Zipser Kapitel) is administratively part of Spišské Podhradie town; it lies about 15 km east of Levoča .

Spišská Kapitula originated in the 13th century as fortified seat of ecclesiastical administration, the seat of the provost.  Later an independent Spiš bishopric was established here.


The massive walls of the tiny ecclesiastical town protect 30 houses for canons, a bishop’s palace and a seminary building from the gothic, renaissance and baroque periods.

All these line a single street.

The dominating feature of Spišská Kapitula is the late Romanesque Cathedral of St Martin with its twin towers. Here you can find the oldest Romanesque sculpture in Slovakia – the White Lion.

Spišská Kapitula – together with Spišské Podhradie, Spiš Castle , and the church of Holy Spirit in Žehra – is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.