Slovakia Natural Attractions

Slovakia Natural Attractions


High Tatra National Park

High Tatra National Park is located in the northern part of Slovakia bordering with Poland. Recorded on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves List, the Tatra National Park covers both the Polish and Slovakian parts of the range. High Tatra National Park

Dobšiná Ice Cave

Situated 20 km north from Dobšiná village within the Slovak Paradise National Park, Dobšiná cave is the oldest and at the same time the largest ice cave in Europe. The layer of ice has a volume of 110 thousands cubic meters, in many places reaching a thickness of 26.5 meters.  Dobšiná Ice Cave

Domica Cave

Located in south Slovakia, Domica is the largest cave in Slovak Karst region. Under the name of Baradla, Domica cave continues into the territory of Hungary, as part of the Aggtelek National Park. Domica Cave

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is a unique natural phenomenon and one of the three most beautiful aragonite caves in the world. The decoration of the cave is made up of aragonite spirals and needle-shaped crystals.

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Gombasecká Cave

Gombasecká Cave is situated on the western foothill of the Silická Plateau, in the territory of the National Park and Biospherical Reserve Slovenský Kras. Gombasecká Cave

Silica Ice Cave

Silica Ice Cave – among 12 caves of the Slovak Karst – is recorded in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Silica Ice Cave

Jasov Cave

The chambers of the cave are home to twelve species of bats. Since 1995 the chambers are also being used for treating certain health problems. The cave is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Jasov Cave