The town of Rožňava (Hungarian: Rozsnyó, German: Rosenau) is located in the central-southern part of Slovakia, about 75 km west of Košice. Rožňava's Old Town and its monuments are popular among the tourists.

The arrangement of Rožňava's rectangular main square has not changed since the Middle Ages; however a significant number of the buildings around the square date from the 18th century.


The late-Renaissance style fire-watchtower, which stands in the middle of the square, was formerly part of the now demolished, Gothic style Town Hall.

The tower was erected for defensive purposes in the 1650’s; still possessing its original clock, it has come to symbolise the town.

Next to the tower, where the Town Hall once stood, a baroque style so called “student’s church” was erected in the 17th century.

A Gothic style, Roman Catholic church can be found in the street next to the main square. Its stand-alone bell-tower was built in the 18th century, in the baroque style. The most valuable piece-of-art in the church is its altar-piece depicting St. Anna, dating from 1513.

The Bishop’s Residence is on the north side of the main square. It was originally built in the Renaissance style as the headquarters for the Jesuits; reconstruction in 1777, in the Zopf style, led to its present appearance.

A Franciscan church and monastery, built in the baroque style in the 18th century, can also be found in the square.