Red Star Hostel Bratislava

In an open letter to the travelling comrades…
…we would like to announce the opening of a brand new hostel in the capital city of Bratislava.

Run by fun- loving and experienced people Red Star Hostel is the right place to start your visit to Slovakia!

Twins, triples and small dorms provide the much needed privacy while bar and buffet are the places to be if you feel like socializing. If exploring the city is what you came here for a picturesque path by the Danube River will take you to the very centre in about 15 minutes.

If you choose to relax on the hostel premises we have everything you might be looking for: tennis and volleyball court, a bar to meet new people, a garden to enjoy your beer.

And if you can not make up your mind what to do go and find the receptionist who is always up for a chat and a bit of laugh.

Because the only iron curtain that is left is between Red Star Hostel and the boredom!

Address: Botanicka 25 Bratislava, Slovakia

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