Piešťany is the biggest and the best known spa town in Slovakia. Piešťany spa is situated in a wide valley on the left bank of the River Váh, on the Spa Island.

The first mention of the warm waters and their curative effects dates from 1549, but it is said that two thousands years ago roman soldiers from the nearby camp in Trenčin took advantages of the effects of Piešťany’s water.


Piešťany earned its reputation as an international spa town only in the 20th century, when a luxury Art Nouveau hotel – Thermia Palace – was built with the Irma baths and the Pro Patria thermal treatment complex. The thermal water is taken from 12 springs.

The spa focuses on the treatment of motor system diseases, arthritis and inflammatory diseases of central nervous system. The temperature of the water in the spring is 67-69°C.

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