Peloponnese, Greece holidays: beautiful view and clean beaches

Peleponnese is one of the best islands in Greece. If you love a beautiful view and clean beaches then this is the spot for you. It should be one of your first stops in your tour of Greece and you may just not want to leave…

One thing to note about Peloponnese is how clean they keep their beaches. They have outstanding laws and local cleanup crews that ensure that everything is pristine without infringing on anyone’s good time.

So if you are tired of seeing gunk and trash on the beaches you visit Peloponnese should be a top priority.

You should probably try and stay at the Tolo. This is one of the hottest beach resorts in all of Greece. The rates are excellent and the staff is top notch. It is a great way to start off your vacation, waking up right on the beach every morning surrounded by all sorts of fellow vacationers.

Savouras is a new restaurant that is already drawing rave reviews. It has great rates and a friendly and courteous staff. They also have some of the best steak in town, if you are into that sort of food.

Peloponnese has some of the best views in the world and should be a top priority when traveling to Greece. It has great beaches and some very friendly and quirky local residents who are sure to make your visit a memorable one. Highly recommended.