Novy Smokovec ski resort


Situated to the west of Stary Smokovec, Novy Smokovec is relatively a newly established settlement that was planned for curative treatment and to don the role of a spa. The Novy Smokovec ski resort is an idyllic skiing center that offers enticing skiing sessions for the less demanding skiers.

Initially getting recognized as one of the luxurious spa in Slovakia, tourist services were added as Novy Smokovec started offering sporting facilities for winter as well summer sports.

Novy Smokovec ski resort is also an ideal destination for people who are craving to experience some memorable skiing adventures as well as to drink down the beauty of breathtaking landscape found here. Novy Smokovec is also one of the significant tourist places in this region, and the artificial snow found in Jakubova luka, which is a ski centre that is found at Novy Smokovec ski resort offers good skiing experiences.

The ski resort of Stary Smokovec is another destination that lies nearby and which is known to be a remarkable destination for skiers. With the range of slopes ranging from the easy to that of the moderate slopes, the ski resort of Stary Smokovec is a wonderful skiing destination for beginners as well as for advanced skiers.