Krásna Hórka Castle

Krásna Hórka Castle


Located in the southeastern part of Slovakia, near the Hungarian border, Krásna Hôrka Castle was built above the village of Krásnohorské Podhradie. 

The castle was built before 1320 on cone-shaped hill, at a height of 490 m above sea level. The reason of construction of medieval defending castle Krásna Hórka was to ensure a safe passage of the traders from Transylvania to the towns of the Spiš region.

The oldest core of the castle can be accessed by helical access road. Castle consists of residential palace, tower and defence system, creating together the inner yard. Máriássy family, as temporary owners, built the oldest part of the castle, the Gothic tower.

In the middle of the 14th century Bebek family had acquired the property back in her hands, and a palace and fortifications were added to the tower.

Bebeks left Hungary in 1566. For several years, castle was under the administration of royal court and castle captains.

The last one of them was Peter Andrássy, descendant of Andrássy family of Transylvania origin. His grandson Mátyás got the castle Krásna Hórka from the King Ferdinand III. in hereditary ownership. 

Since 1872 the castle had functioned as private museum of the family. After 1945 it was included into the system of state museums and in 1961 declared a National Cultural Monument.

The access road of the castle was on its eastern, the mildest slope of all. In this area, huge oaks- and lime trees with an estimated age of 300 years, lining the road, can be found. Some of these oaks are under protection.


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