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How to Get to Budapest with a Bratislava Airport Transfer?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, it is a magnificent city, and every day it receives crowds of visitors. Its airport is usually quite a tight fit, and that is one reason why quite a few people are now exploring alternatives.

The distance between Bratislava and Budapest is quite close, and this makes travelling to Budapest via Bratislava, a good alternative. It is not only cheaper, but it also saves you time and allows you to do a little sightseeing in Bratislava. So, here are the ways you can connect between both cities.


A taxi from Bratislava airport to Budapest is one sure way to go. It would take you about 5 mins to get to your taxi, either at the rank or a private one. The journey itself lasts for 2hrs 15min and can be done 24/7 as there is always a taxi available.

Although, one of the private Bratislava airport transfers to Budapest has more advantages for you. It gives you the option of picking the type of vehicle you would rather have. You can comfortably travel with your children and request stops. And the journey costs you between €142 and €160, depending on the vehicle type.


Taking a bus to the city of Budapest is another good option. The buses do not run all hours, but from 3:00 – 20:30, there is an average wait time of 2hrs, and the trip itself takes 3hrs. The buses are quite comfortable, and a single-use ticket would cost you €9.

Although there are no direct buses to Budapest from the airport, the route is Bratislava Mlynské Nivy station – Budapest Népliget station. That means from the airport you need to take a taxi or a bus going to the bus station at the city center.


Eurocity is the train that shuttles between Bratislava and Budapest during the day, while Euronight is the overnight train. Its travel time is almost 3hrs, and you might have to wait for 2hrs for the next train.

Pricing depends on the class you pick. First-class costs €40, while second-class costs €28. You can buy train tickets online, but there is no train station around the airport. That means after you arrive at the airport, you would have to take public transport to the Bratislava Main railway station at the city center.