High Tatra National Park

High Tatra National Park


Tatra National Park is located in the northern part of Slovakia bordering with Poland. Recorded on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves List, the Tatra National Park covers both the Polish and Slovakian parts of the range.

Tatras are the largest alpine-type massif in Central Europe with Gerlachovsky Peak (2654m), the highest peak in the High Tatras and in the Carpathians as a whole. There are further 25 Tatra peaks reach a height of 2500 meters above sea level.

On account of its accessibility and the beauty of the panorama, High Tatra is one of the most frequently visited alpine summits.

Many tourist trails lead hikers to mountain lakes, waterfalls and caves as well as through scenic mountain valleys. The mountains are also the home to chamois, bears, and marmots.

The High Tatras are toured in all seasons by mountain climbers and hikers and by winter sports fans in the winter seasons.

High Tatras' Peaks 

The best-known Tatra Peak, attracting the largest number of tourists, is the Lomnicky Peak (2634 m). A cabin cableway taking people to the summit from Tatranska Lomnica has been in operation since 1940.

The peak is reached by means of a four-seat gondola from Tatranska Lomnica to Lake Skalnaté, where visitors transfer to a cabin cableway with a capacity of 15, which take them to the upper station.

On the summit of Lomnicky Peak there is a meteorological station. When visibility is good, it is possible to see a large part of Slovakia from the top of the mountain.

Those who wish to climb Gerlachovsky Peak do so in the company of an experienced mountain guide.

Lakes in High Tatra National Park

In the High Tatras, there is the highest concentration of natural lakes in Slovakia. There are about 165 lakes in the Tatras on the Slovak Republic territory and they mainly were left behind from the Ice Age.

The largest and the deepest lake is Lake VeI'ke Hincovo (1945 meters above sea level). It lies at the end of Mengusovska Dolina, which is the most popular valley among tourists.

The lake situated at the highest altitude is Lake Modré (2192 m); it lies in the valley of Malá Studená Dolina.

The shadow cast by the surrounding peaks makes the water in the tarn look a dark blue color.  The best way to reach it is from Lake Skalnaté or from Hrebienok, a tourist center above Stary Smokovec

Waterfalls in High Tatra National Park

The Tatra valleys also have some cascading waterfalls as natural attractions. One of the most visited waterfalls is the Vodopády Studeného Potoka. The waterfall situates in Malá Studená Dolina and VeI'ká Studená Dolina (Small and the Big Cold Valley) and can be reached from Tatranska Lomnica, or from the other side from Hrebienok in the direction of Lake Skalnaté.

VeI'ká Studená Dolina also exceptional in a way that it hides the largest number of mountain tarns of all the Tatra valleys.

Other popular waterfalls are Obrovsky Vodopád (1330 m), which falls 20 meters; Maly Vodopád (1247 m), VeI'ky Vodopád (1226 m) with its 13 m cascade and Dlhy Vodopad (1160m).

Winter Sports in High Tatras 

The High Tatra is very popular for winter sports as well. Štrbské pleso, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica are the most popular Ski resorts in the High Tatras Mountain.

The town of Poprad is the main gateway to the High Tatra resorts in Slovakia.