The small town of Fiľakovo (Hungarian: Fülek, German: Fülleckis located in the southern part of Slovakia, about 30 southwest of Rimavská Sobota, close to the Hungarian border. Fiľakovo’s principal monument is its castle.

The history of Fiľakovo has, from the earliest times, been intertwined with that of its castle. Fiľakovo Castle was probably constructed by the Kacsics Clan in the 13th century; during this, and subsequent centuries, the castle frequently changed ownership.


The fate of the castle, which played a key role in the defense of the region, was sealed in 1682 when Thököly’s troops captured and blew it up.

The castle sat high above the town, on a basalt crag, the northern face of which was nearly vertical. It comprised an upper-, middle- and lower-castle. The southern side of the upper-castle was protected by a large bastion.

Around the outside it was protected by a defensive ring of Italian-bastions. After three-hundred years as a ruin, the castle is now being restored.


The baroque style Brechtold Mansion was erected at the end of the 18th century, and subsequently modified several times. Following World War II it was used as a District Office; now it serves as a high-school.

The Franciscan church and monastery were built in 1513. Both were demolished in 1682, but rebuilt between 1694 and 1727 in the baroque style.