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Different Ways You Can Get from Bratislava Airport to Vienna

Bratislava is the only capital city in the world that shares a border with two countries, Austria and Hungary. It means that you can easily connect to Vienna from Bratislava. This proximity allows you to explore two cities, saves you money, and in some cases, time. So here are different and exciting ways you can get to Vienna from Bratislava Airport.


  • The trip from Bratislava Airport to Vienna can be made with one of the buses that shuttle that route. From the airport, the journey takes 1 hour 15 minutes, but the ride is quite comfortable as the buses are well equipped. The cost of a single ticket is €7.5 while a round-trip costs €13. The buses operate all day, but not at night. There are bus stops at Nový most, Petržalka, Vienna Airport and Vienna bus station.


  • The speedboat from Bratislava to Vienna is the very definition of luxury. Although it is quite pricey at €21 for a trip, you would probably have to wait for about 4 hours before you board, and a tour lasts for 2 hours.

A trip, by speedboat, between these two cities is best reserved for tourists and leisure. This is because the location of the dock is not close to the airport. You would have to get to the city center for that.


  • At the airport taxi rank, there are specific taxis that shuttle to Vienna. These or the taxis booked online are great options for you. Especially at night when the buses are not operating. The cost of the trip is negotiable, and it takes about an hour to cover the distance. But then the taxis are comfortable enough; with plush seats, air-conditioning, and enough legroom.

Car Rental

  • Car rentals are another option available to you. But for you to rent a car without a driver, you need to provide an IDL and your passport. You also have to have driving experience of at least a year and be at least 21 years old. The price for renting is from €18, and a deposit of €100 is required.

Take note, traffic laws in Bratislava are, and you can get a fine on the spot. Texting/calling, while driving attracts a penalty of at least €60 while driving under the influence, gets you a fine of at least €250.