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Číž Spa


The small spa village of Číž (Hungarian: Csiz) is located in the southern part of Slovakia in the Rimavská Sobota district, near the Hungarian border.

Číž is famous for its iodine-bromine water, which was originally found in 1860. Thanks to this thermal water, Číž became one of the most popular spa resorts in Slovakia. Its thermal water contains a high lithium and bromine content.


The salty iodine-bromine waters are particularly effective for the treatment of illnesses of the locomotor organs, arterial illness; especially arteries and veins in the extremities of inflammatory or arteriosclerotic origin.

The foundation of the treatment is taking advantage of the natural iodized mineral water and an entire array of complementary procedures.

A number of elegant, timber –framed holiday homes with verandas, evoke the atmosphere of this bathing resort’s past.


Of the four country-mansions which are still standing in the village, only the Kossuth Mansion, which is used by the management of the local baths, is in a sound condition. The building dates from the 18th century, when it was rebuilt from an earlier country-mansion.
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