Zborov Castle

The Ruins of Zborov Castle can be spotted near the Zborov village in East Slovakia. The first mention of Zborov Castle dates back to the 13th century, and older fortifications had also existed nearby, which were built on Hradske. Standing tall at 1422 feet, this castle had also been referred to as Makovica. The castle had been built around the year 1317 and it was castle of a border king at the time of its inception.

Povazsky Castle

As a ruin pertaining to a medieval castle, Považský hrad can be spotted on the right side of Vah River in Slovakia. Erected on a cliff that stands at 497 meters above that of sea level, the Castle Považský had been intended to guard the valley pertaining to the Vah River. It is also popularly referred to as the ‘eagle’s nest’ of Podmanitzky family.

Tematin Castle

The romantic ruins related to the Tematín Castle stand atop the side ridge pertaining to Povazsky Inovec Mountains in Slovakia. Tematín Castle was originally erected during the second half related to the 13th century.

Cachtice Castle

The ruins of Čachtice Castle can be found lying next to the Cachtice village. Located on a hill spotted above the village of Čachtice that also unveils rare plants, the castle had been a residence as it then was converted to a prison where the world’s most ruthless female serial killer by the name of Alzbeta Bathory was held as a captive.

Krasnohorska Cave

As a karst cave, Krásnohorská Cave is spotted at the southern foot related to the Silicka planina Plain that is found in the Slovak Karst. It is distanced by about 6.5 kilometers from that of Roznava in South-Slovakia. It is mainly known for the Kvapel roznavskych jaskyniarov, the mighty dripstone that stands tall at 32.

6 meters and for the mysterious underground riverbed.

Muranska planina National Park

As one of the national parks that is relatively young, Muránska planina National Park is located at the central parts of Slovakia and in the Banska Bystrica Region. Muránska planina National Park primarily serves as a protection for the area pertaining to Muránska planina, a geological part related to the Slovenske rudohorie mountain range.