Castles and fortresses in Slovakia

Castles, Fortresses and Mansions in Slovakia


Spis Castle

Located in northeast Slovakia, 19 km from Levoča , Spis Castle is one of the largest castle ruins in Central- and Eastern Europe. Spis Castle and its associated cultural heritage monuments – Spisské Podhradie, Spisská Kapitula , and the church of Holy Spirit in Žehra – are included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Spis Castle

Orava Castle

Overlooking the town of Oravsky Podzamok, Orava Castle is situated in northwest Slovakia. The medieval fortress stands on a steep rocky limestone cliff rising almost vertically for 112 metres above the Orava River. Orava Castle

Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Slovak castles; the castle’s fairytale silhouette of steep roofed towers and palaces is the crown of the upper Nitra valley. The present romantic castle stands on the site of a 12th century medieval castle . Bojnice Castle

Devin Castle

The close proximity to Bratislava makes Devin Castle one of the most popular destination for foreign visitors. The castle is situated on the hillock above the confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava. Devin Castle

Trenčin Castle

Trenčin is located in the western part of Slovakia, on the bank of the Váh River. Trenčin Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in Slovakia.

It is the dominant landmark of the town of Trenčin and the whole of the river Váh valley. Trenčin Castle

Šomoška Castle

The picturesque gothic castle of Šomoška is located on the Slovak-Hungarian border. The castle ruins stand on Slovak territory, the village belongs to Hungary. The castle was built out of basaltic columns on a volcanic rock in the 13th century. Šomoška Castle

Fiľakovo Castle

The castle sat high above the town, on a basalt crag, the northern face of which was nearly vertical. It comprised an upper-, middle- and lower-castle. The southern side of the upper-castle was protected by a large bastion. Fiľakovo Castle

Beckov Castle

Located in western Slovakia, 16 kilometers south of Trenčín, Beckov castle is a popular tourist destination. The defensive castle stands above the village on a steep 30 meters high rock overlooking the Váh. Beckov Castle

Zvolen Castle

The castle has a rectangular shape with four wings surrounding the central courtyard. In its royal hall there is an interesting coffered ceiling painted with the portraits of 78 Roman and Habsburg emperors. Zvolen Castle

Krásna Hórka Castle

Krásna Hórka Castle was built before 1320 on cone-shaped hill, at a height of 490 m above sea level. The reason of construction of medieval defending castle Krásna Hórka was to ensure a safe passage of the traders from Transylvania to the towns of the Spiš region. Krásna Hórka Castle

Turňa nad Bodvou Castle

Turňa nad Bodvou Castle was constructed after the Tartar invasion, to protect the commercial route from Košice via the Bódva-Valley. It was blown up by the imperial troops in 1685. Turňa nad Bodvou Castle

Veľký Kamenec Castle

Veľký Kamenec Castle, rising on the side of a hill, probably dated from the end of the 13th century; it was first mentioned in 1323. The castle stood until 1673. Veľký Kamenec Castle

Žilina Castle

Situated on the banks of the Váh River in north-west Slovakia, Žilina is Slovakia’s fourth largest city. The 14th century Budatin Castle, in the northern part of Žilina, houses the Váh Museum. Žilina Castle

Bratislava Castle

The silhouette of its medieval castle with its four corner towers, rising above the Danube River, can be seen from afar when approaching the city; today Bratislava Castle functions as a museum.  Bratislava Castle

Betliar Mansion

The Betliar mansion was built by István Andrássy at the beginning of the 18th century, utilising the foundations of an earlier fortified mansion. The mansion features a permanent display on “The architectural and domestic-cultural preferences of the nobility in the 18th -19th centuries”; it also has a library of 15000 volumes. Betliar Mansion