Bratislava castle

Bratislava castle found in the capital city of Bratislava in Slovakia is the main castle pertaining to this capital city. Standing on the serene rocky hill belonging to the Little Carpathians, the Bratislava castle is a rectangular building that is massive as it also possesses four corner towers as it stands majestically above the river Danube in the middle sections of Bratislava.

The castle had been inhabited even before thousand years, and major findings at the castle hill date back to the Hallstatt Period. The first known constructed settlements were raised by the Boleraz culture on the castle hill, which took place around 3500 BC.

Out of the four towers, the biggest is the thirteenth century Crown Tower found in the southeastern section that had housed the crown jewels. The arcade corridor followed by the big Baroque staircase found behind the entrance leads to the exposition pertaining to Slovak National Museum. One can also find the four halls related to the Treasure Chamber that houses the most important archaeological findings, which include the Venus of Moravany, the prehistoric statue.

Exposition pertaining to the History of Slovakia can be found in the third floor.

In the southern part pertaining to the building houses and in the first floor, the rooms related to the Slovak Parliament can be spotted. The former Baroque chapel found in the northern part is presently used as the Music Hall, where concerts are held. There are three entrance gates, which come in the form of Vienna Gate, Sigismund Gate and Nicholas Gate.