Strecno castle

The Gothic castle of Strecno castle is found in the northern part of Slovakia as it is distanced by about 7 kilometers from Zilina. This majestic castle fortress stand atop the rock found over the river Vah. The first mention of this castle dates back to 1384 found in the phrase ‘Comitatus castri Strechyn’. Believed to have existed from the fourteenth century, Strecno castle was a Royal castle in the past.

Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise National Park is one among the nine national parks found in Slovakia. Located in the eastern sections of Slovakia and covering an area of about 197.63 square kilometers, this gorgeous region has been recognized as a national park. The Slovak Paradise National Park is a paradise to explore, as the visitors can encounter enchantingly varied landscape in such a small area.

Western Tatras Mountains

The Western Tatras happen to be the second highest mountain range to be found in Slovakia. The major portion pertaining to the mountainous region can be spotted at Liptov region, as a part of this range gets spotted in Orava region. A part of this mountainous region extends into Poland too. At the Western Tatras, there is a very winding ridge that happens to be a unique feature of this mountain range, as it unveils a length of about 35 kilometers.

Velka Fatra Mountains

Velka Fatra Mountains happens to be a mountain range found in the Western Carpathians, and this mountain range in Slovakia covers a range of towns that include Harmanec, Ruzomberok, Martin and Turcianske Teplice. The Velka Fatra Mountains has become an attractive destination during the winter time, as one can find many ski resorts, as this mountain range also offers beautiful tracking to be enjoyed during the summer season. There are also some historic monuments found at the foothills that deserve a visit.

Mala Fatra Mountains

Mala Fatra Mountains in Slovakia is about ten kilometers from that of Zilina, as it is a part pertaining to the mighty arc belonging to the Carpathian Mountain chain. Mala Fatra Mountains is also the westernmost of the four big mountain ranges of Slovakia. The Mala Fatra encompasses deep valleys, friendly peaks, waterfalls, ruins and castles and folk architecture.

Vihorlat Mountains

The volcanic mountain range of Vihorlat Mountains is found along the eastern sections of Slovakia as it also is spotted in the western sections of Ukraine. A part of this mountain range has been recognized as the World Heritage Site. Vihorlat is also bordered by that of the Eastern Slovak Lowland in the southern as well as in the western direction.