bratislava airport taxi

A Newcomer’s Guide to Using a Bratislava Airport Taxi

The last thing you need as a new visitor is to find out that you’ve just been ripped-off by that “nice taxi man” from the airport. Or getting to your destination and discovering that the taxi guy now wants you to pay 50% more than you assumed. There are specific regulations that apply in Bratislava, and getting familiar with these will go a long way to smoothen your journey and your stay. So here are some tips on the Bratislava airport taxi scene.


  • There are over 15 registered taxi firms in Bratislava. They each run up to 100 taxis, regulate their prices, and keep their drivers accountable. Their taxis carry the company’s sign; they are also safer and cheaper than the independent taxis.


  • These independent taxi drivers are not registered under an umbrella. You should be wary of these. Most of them hang around the airport and tourist spots hoping to attract and over-charge unsuspecting clients.


  • When taking a taxi from the park at the airport, it is best that you find out their rates before you begin your ride. This inquiry helps you detect inflated rates, and negotiate the fare to a reasonable price.


  • Your total fare is a sum of the starting fee (€1.70- €3.20), the waiting fee (€0.13 to €0.30) and distance fee (0.6-1.5€/km). These fees are usually higher when your destination is outside the Bratislava city area.


  • Drivers accept payment in major currencies, but this attracts a surcharge. So, it is cheaper to pay with Euros. Also, you are expected to tip the taxi driver. It’s nothing major and might cost you an additional 50 cents.


  • You are entitled to a receipt from your driver, every time. This receipt might be printed or handwritten – but this should be stamped. It should contain the cost of the ride, pickup spot, and destination, license plate number, identification number of the car or company, etc.


  • The most preferred Bratislava airport taxi option is the pre-ordered type. This type has a standard rate, regardless of your destination, or the pickup point. Sometimes there is a wait at the airport. And because the communications are not directly with the drivers, there is little language challenge.