A Guide to Getting from Bratislava Airport to Bratislava City Centre

Most visitors who arrive at the Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport in Bratislava are not there to sightsee around the Airport. You need to get from arrivals to the city center, that’s where you’ll find all the fun. So, unless you are a native of Bratislava or you have a friend coming to pick you up; you should read this article. Here you’ll find out all you need to know about getting a ride into the city center.

  • Taxies

Once you get to the arrivals hall, you will find the taxi park just outside the doors. It’s hard to miss as there are visible signs, around the Airport, directing you there. An advantage of taking a taxi is that they are available at all hours, and can get you right to your doorsteps.

Most of the drivers are not English speakers, and so negotiating a fair price will be difficult. The need for bargaining is because the taxis do not have meters, and this gives taxi drivers the freedom to bill you as they please – usually an average of €20. So, it is best that you order a taxi from outside the Airport that would take you from Bratislava Airport to city.

  • Buses

Another option is that you take a bus from the Airport. To get to the appropriate bus stop, you need to walk down the pedestrian crossing that takes you opposite the taxi park. Then turn right and keep walking, until you see the bus stop at the end of the walkway. The next thing is to get a ticket from the ticket machine assigned to your route. These machines do not accept credit cards or currencies other than euros. A journey into the city center would take well over 15 mins, so the cost of your ticket option is €0.90.

Also, you must not forget to validate your bus ticket once you board. Failure to do this will render your ticket invalid and attract a fine of at least €50.